Treatment and also Maintenance for Butcher Blocks Countertops and Kitchen area Islands.

The wood is extensively taken into consideration the healthiest building material in the world. The solid wood represents a dependable, tough product that can last long without needing excessive protection. Nonetheless, timber is an all-natural living product and also, unlike synthetic materials, it reacts to different settings in specific means. We wish to draw your focus on the basic upkeep guidelines for the solid timber counter tops, island tops or butcher blocks. Adhering to these directions will cause having a wonderful looking, simple to preserve custom counter top that will certainly last for many years. mhcnetprice

Tops with a Mineral Oil Complete

The panel must be oiled carefully on top, bottom and also sides, giving an unique attention to the end-grain area, as the area that the wood is probably to absorb humidity via. Each cut or drill you make in the panel (either for size change, sink intermediary or other objectives) should likewise be oiled completely. Proterra mineral oil (Hesse, Germany) is a product that we recommend for cooking area tops applications considered that it was specially made to find touching foods. For scenarios where there is a great deal of humidity included (like sinks, tap, etc) the mineral oil just will not assure the best defense and also it is recommended to use polyurethane or other similar finishing rather. c2cwriter

With a soft brush, oil the timber kindly on all sides or merely put a small quantity of oil on the wood then spread it with the brush. Allow the timber saturate the oil for regarding 20-30 minutes and afterwards remove the excess with an absorptive paper towel. When the top is first set up, it is a good idea to use 2-3 successive layers of oil, after which, the oil can be applied once several months or whenever needed. Every single time you sand the area to get rid of scratches or cut marks, a brand-new coat of oil have to used.


In order to maintain your wooden top tidy, periodically scrape or brush away any food deposits existing on its surface area, clean with warm soapy water and also dry it well making use of either a completely dry cloth or paper towels. Use a brand-new coat of oil any time needed. Conversely, you can warm up a 1:4 mix of beeswax as well as mineral oil till the mix becomes homogenized and after that use it consistently on top's surface area, thus obtaining extra protection against both spots and also moisture.

Prevent setting your timber top beside severe warm resources like ranges unless there is appropriate insulation between the warmth source as well as the top. Avoid spilling vinegar on a wood top having a mineral oil ending up, as it can trigger cupping or cracking. Do not use destructive chemicals or exceedingly severe detergents on a wooden top having a mineral oil finishing, as they can trigger irreparable depreciation.


If effectively mounted as well as secured and also regularly fueled oil, there is no reason that your leading will not last a long period of time in the very same good condition it was when new. Often however, due to poor upkeep and also improper environmental conditions, some problems could develop; it is our task, consequently to notify regarding these troubles and also the means to fix them.
· Cupping and warping
Are prone to appear whenever there is a substantial difference of dampness in between the topside and the bottom side of the panel. Preferably, put the top on a level, tough surface area, scooped side facing down. On the convex side, uniformly position some rather hefty objects. It will use up to 12 hrs up until the panel will straighten out entirely, after which, oil it generously on all sides.
If it is not possible to control the top, simply apply generously mineral oil on the scooped side up until the panels straightens. In this instance, nevertheless, you may need to duplicate this operation several times to get the wanted outcome.
· End splits
Will manifest whenever the panel is placed in an extreme completely dry atmosphere without being correctly secured. To fix, blend timber sand with a percentage of water-based wood glue and fill up the splits thoroughly. Enable 15-20 minutes to cure, sand the area with a 120 grit sand paper and then oil the leading easily.
· Scrapes, cut marks and also food spots
Can be removed by sanding uniformly the affected location, cleaning away the resulting timber dust and also applying a brand-new coat of mineral oil. The finger-jointed panels can be sanded to a 3/8" deepness, while for the continual lamella panels as well as the end-grain butcher blocks, there are no such limitations.

Tops with a Polyurethane Finishing

A strong wood surface area do with polyurethane based completing needs no maintenance in all. Nonetheless, scrapes, reduced marks as well as various other problems will certainly be challenging to fix; for that reason added treatment is called for.

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